Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mini things are always cuter!

I don't know why, but everybody loves minies! Think about it. What's cuter...big dog or puppy? Puppy for sure right? Big cat, ew sick, or kitten-ahh cute. See. Oh and remember those mini Shasta cans? I loved those when I was little, and I don't even drink soda pop. Pop has always given me a stomach ache, but I would endure one for a cutesy-pootsy mini Shasta (preferably black cherry).

You can get pretty much anything in a mini these days.

- Like a Yorkie for instance, but careful watch your step around these little guys, and watch for birds circling above.
V8 -I have a couple cases of mini cans in my storage, because I've got to get my half serving of vegetables in each day.
Cars -I'm just waiting for the auto makers to come out with a one-seater...oh wait that's a motor cycle.
And now of coarse my new fav, Mini Cheeseburgers-two bites for two dollars. Nice.

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Bryce & Brittany said...

Oh I do love mini things! I always say "ahhhhh, cute". Little things are ALWAYS cuter!