Saturday, February 26, 2011

Infinity Scarves

 First of all.....I'm sorry that I'm neglectful. Forgive me. I hope you like what I put out there even if it's few and far between.  Just know that I love you guys. I think of you often and I do have more things to share. Be patient with me. 

Ok moving I love scarves. I wear them almost daily, but infinity scarves are my favorite right now.  I saw this awesome idea here, at Made by Lex (such a beautiful blog by the way, read through all of her back posts) and I had to make one.   Ok... I made four. This project is so great because I'm also an instant gratification crafter. I need my projects to be fast so I can enjoy them as soon as possible. (Also easy and cheap...preferably free, must fit in there too.)
I love that instead of getting rid of my old t-shirts and other clothing I can use them for something else.  Re-purposing is on fire!  Literally, almost every blog I visit these days has at least one post about it.  It's just plain smart.

This one was made from three different old T-shirts like the madebylex version.

So, just like how Lex shows you in her tutorial, cut up your shirts, (or your sweater like the one pictured below)  into same width strips.  

Sew strips together.

Wow lots of pins for such a small area. I'm not a super confident sewer. Can you tell?


I have to say that an infinity scarf on a two year old is pretty much adorable. My sweet girl likes to play with hers like it's a jump rope rather than wear it, but I'm content with the few moments I get to see it on her.

Enjoy friends. Love you guys!

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