Friday, December 17, 2010

Dollar Store White Berry Wreath

As I was browsing Dollar Tree recently I came across lots of white berry bunches.  I had already purchased some of the green ones for my tree so I thought the white would make a fantastic wreath.  I chose to use a foam wreath form also from the Dollar Tree. I cut it in half because I wanted less depth for the base since I planned to hang it against a mirror.  I was going to use the other half for another wreath,  but alas I was too hard on the fist half and ruined it. If one was careful I'm sure it could make two wreaths just fine.


9 bunches of white berries
1 foam wreath form
Ribbon for hanging the wreath 

Pull individual sprigs off of the berry branches.  Gently push each piece into the foam at an angle so the berries lay against the wreath.  I repeat, gently while also making sure the piece is secure.  Continue in the same direction until the wreath is covered.  Be sure to add some on the outside and inside edges so the foam doesn't show and you have a plump wreath. I did take pictures while creating this wreath but my camera was taking them in RAW format without my knowledge.  DANGIT!  I'm not smart enough to be able to view images when they are in that format so I can only show you  the after photos.  Sorry.  I really tried this time to be on top of my picture taking.

Not a bad for $10.


Unknown said...

Beautiful! I want one! Or two!!

Niki Jolene said...

Love it!!!!

Gwen said...

So cute!