Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Perfect for my space

 I've been drooling over the wonderful photos on Inspiration for Decoration.
I love this little dining area. I want mine to look like this! 
  It would be perfect for my kitchen since I have such a small space to work with.
I guess this will be my inspiration photo.
My kitchen reno is still in progress. When it's done and looking amazing I'll post the pics.


Gwen said...

Oh wow Melinda, I love this! You should totally do something like this. It looks so clean and bright.

Melinda Heaton Colovich said...

Thanks Gwen I thought the same thing. I must say have exquisite taste. :)

I want to do something like this sooooooo bad!

Bryce & Brittany said...

Oh I LOVE that dining room! Before I started reading I thought that was really your dining room and I was thinking "Wow, that's awesome!" So go for it!