Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dishing It

Amanda at Serenity Now is having a "Dishing It" Party. 
Isn't Serenity Now like the coolest name for a blog?  As a fellow Seinfeld lover, I am really diggin it.  I bet she and I would be friends. :o) So thoughtful of her to provide this way for bloggers to get to know each other. Thanks Amanda.   I hope you will check out the other posts on my new little blog.  I don't have too many, and I'm utterly amazed at how some bloggers have whipped out like 100 posts in a couple of months. I've really got to get crackin.

My name is Melinda.  Most of my family and Friends call me Mindy.  My mother named me Melinda but called me Mindy as a nick name growing up.  She then expected me to be called by my real name once I went to school.  Sorry Mom the nick name stuck.  But Melinda is a beautiful name.  I was named after my great great Grandmother.  Something I'm very proud of.  I'm married to a very sweet, very smart man.  We're going on our 6th year together.   I'm a very lucky woman to have such a handy man to bring all of my crazy ideas to life.  I'm a mom to one sweet, sweet child.  My little Addy.  Her real name is Adelade but we've also given her a nick name.  Carrying on the tradition I guess.

How long have you been blogging?
I actually started blogging on my family blog The Colovich Chronicle in August of 2007. I wanted to get my siblings to create blogs so I could keep up with their daily lives. It worked and I was so happy since some of them live far, far away from me and I miss them dearly. I only visited my siblings blogs, some cousins and a couple friends for about 2 years.  I realized there was a whole world of wonderful blogs to explore!  SO I just started this new little blog  in April of 2009  (where it sat for a while) to express a more creative side of me, since I'm getting tons of inspiration from people like you on a daily basis.

Tell me about your blog's title. Why did you choose it?
My blog's title is sort of a "Utah phrase".  Something Utahns say a lot.  I used to say it often when I was little, all though I didn't grow up in Utah.  Maybe it's something that people of my faith say frequently.  I've found the phrase usually fits in many scenarios in the blog world. :o)

What do you blog about?
I blog about what's going on in my life.  Any cool crafts I might find.  Fashion.  Design inspiration, and recently I've started posting a quick and tasty recipe on Fridays.

What is your favorite thing about blogging?
My favorite thing about blogging is all of the wonderful inspiration I get from other bloggers.  Every day I find a great craft I want to try or some awesome design ideas.  It never gets old.

If you had to choose one famous person to become your blog's next devoted reader, who would you pick?
Oh man this is a tough one for me.....I think I would pick Grace from Design Sponge.  It's like the best blog ever! You know you have to agree. I would also love to be followed by Jessica from How About Orange.  Her blog was one of the first I really started following.  I found so many other cool blogs through hers.  If she or Design Sponge ever wanted to be my devoted reader I wouldn't mind....nope, not one bit. 

Now I just want to challenge you to join the party.  Pay it forward and give love to other bloggers.   It feels so good to get feed back and encouragement from other bloggers and friends. Good Karma will come your way, or blessings, however you want to look at it. ;o) Don't forget to check out Serenity Now.


Kenzie said...

I'm visiting from the party...your title is so cute! And I love the pictures from the photo shoot, Gorgeous! So nice to meet you!

Paula said...

Hello! I'm visiting from Amanda's party. I browsed around your blog and love your craft ideas and the pretty photos of you and your daughter. It's always nice to discover a new blog to enjoy!

Ashley Allen said...

oh my heck! How cute are you?! :) One of my bestest friends is from Utah and I've heard so many funny sayings, I guess in place of cussing! haha What the fetch? lol nice to meet you! Please come visit sometime!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Hi, Melinda!! Great blog title. :) The pic of you and your little one is just gorgeous!! Thanks so much for stopping by my party to link up. Hope you're having fun "mingling!" ;)

Sarita said...

Hi Melinda! I LOVE the look on your little girl's face ... too cute! And that necklace is awesome! It's good to meet you!

JaNeil said...

You have made me want to start exploring blogging more than as a family and friend connection. I like your posts, keep them coming. Loved the photos of Addy and you. I keep thinking I need to do cool photography like that instead of the regular Sears Portrait studio. I keep thinking I will wait until I am done having kids, which might be now.

Shanda said...

I am visiting from Amanda's party. I have to say I love your Friday fix, what a great idea. I think I need to follow your lead and create a blog as my creative outlet (still a newbie to the blog world I started with family first.)

Amanda said...

Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! Yours is super cute too! Glad you joined the party!!!

Gwen said...

You are wonderful Minz! Sending lots of love your way from the family members that live far, far away.