Friday, April 16, 2010

Seasons At The Riter Mansion

                                                                 image via Seasons at the Riter Mansion

Ahhh can't wait to head to Logan this weekend. I always love visiting with my husband's family.  Another thing I was so lucky to receive when marring him.  My sister-in-law is incredible! Seriously I'm always so amazed at how much she gets accomplished.  She owns/runs this Bed and Breakfast.  With the help of her husband of coarse, sorry John.  But let's not forget running her household with meals and laundry and home schooling her three kids all at the same time, yeesh!  Anyway it's a must see and a must stay if you ever visit Logan, UT.  I'm always so excited to stay there.  The Library is usually our room but last time I was there for a girls weekend I stayed in the Guest Room and I really love it's bed.  Every room is fantastic though.  Each with such charm and character.  Go check out the pictures, but I have to say they don't do the rooms justice.  Um did I mention the breakfasts?  They are always scrumptious! Arlette has a breakfast casserole that is to die for and apple pancakes that everyone raves about. I could be bias but it's the best Bed and Breakfast in Utah (and I get to stay there whenever I come to visit)!

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JaNeil said...

Okay I totally am jealous. I want to stay in a bed and breakfast with Dan sometime, especially one with private baths - Dan doesn't like the idea of sharing bathrooms or meals with strangers, but hopefully a private bath and pleading from me would make it happen. Have fun this weekend!