Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fast Fix Friday: Chicken Spaghetti

Sorry it's late again. I came down with a terrible cold/flu on Thursday evening and so I haven't done anything since.  I thought about posting last night, after my night time cold medicine kicked in and I was feeling pretty good, but I figured it would be better for my body to just go to sleep. So again, better late than never.

Chicken Spaghetti

1 pound boneless skinless chicken breast, chopped
green pepper, mushrooms,any other veggies you would like,chopped
1 jar spaghetti sauce 
1/2-full package of spaghetti (depending on how many you are feeding)
2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese, divided

Cook spaghetti acording to package directions.  Meanwhile oil extra large skillet, add chicken, cook and stir 5 minutes.  Add veggies, cook and stir until chicken is cooked through and veggies are tender.  Stir in sauce, cooked spaghetti and 1 cup of cheese.   Top with remaining cheese,cover and let stand 1-2 min or until cheese is melted.  



Megan said...

Mindy! I would LOVE to pay you if you made me one =) Something colorful please!

Melinda said...

Megs I'm assuming you want a necklace. At first I was confused, "colorful chicken spaghetti". ;) Yeah I'll make you one. That will be a fun project for me.

Megan said...

Haha...sorry I realized I wrote my comment on the wrong post after I sent it =) Yes a colorful necklace!! I can't wait to see it!

JaNeil said...

This sounds yummy! Always looking for a change to the regular spaghetti.