Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Projects coming out my ears!

I'm stumped. I don't know which project to move on  to next.  I can't decide which is the most pressing. I will always have a project but which one is most important? Does that ever happen to you? Instead of just diving in and starting one I sit and do nothing because I'm overwhelmed.  I don't want one more unfinished thing in my house because, trust me, I have enough. 

I  have plenty more than what's pictured above. Here's the list.
A paint change in my master bedroom (again) along with an upholstered headboard and new side tables.  Some trim still needs to go up in my daughters bedroom.
I need a sofa cover in the living room and I'd like to paint my ladder shelf white, my end tables either green or white and the lamps either green or white.
I'd also like to paint our stove downstairs with some high heat paint..
Add some more concrete to our patio outside, plus a sidewalk next to the back of the garage.
Mr. OMH has also put in a request that I update the main bath with a new shower curtain and accessories.

Say it with me....WOW! 

I think the biggest projects that need to be done NOW are the kitchen and the master bath.  The kitchen has actually gone through some major changes.  Well major for me.
Notice how there was a peninsula before?  Gone.  Love it.  It's opened up the space so much.  Now I feel a little bit less like I might go crazy when there are more than 2 people in there.

Sorry it's so messy.  But hey that's life.  So far we've textured the ceiling, primed the ceiling and the walls.  Moved main cabinet boxes up to the ceiling.  Mr. OMH built new little boxes for under the cabinets.  Removed peninsula and moved dishwasher against wall.  Replaced dishwasher.  Mr. OMH  added a little cabinet between the dishwasher and the cabinet under the sink.  We added trim to all the cabinets.  We've since primed the cabinets.  But it pretty much looks like this.  We are still waiting for the counter tops.  What's the hold up counter top man? Grrr! Anyway I found some chairs, for the dining area on  I'm pretty sure I paid too much for them, but I it was still less than if I would have gotten the ones I originally picked from Target.  I need to paint the chairs, set up the table and hang the new light fixture.  Get the sliding glass door replaced with one of these models, walls painted, cabinets painted, back splash in and counter tops in.  Yikes.  Just typing all of this is making me tired.

Ok, now master bath.  Did you notice something strange going on in there?  Yep, no toilet.   There's a garbage can in place of it.  Don't worry the toilet is in the shower.  See it hiding in there. ;)  I ripped out the linoleum before I left for my trip to Houston.  Garrett, being the mighty good man that he is, tiled the floor for me while I was gone.  But I'm back.  Been back for 3 weeks. Trim needs to go on the walls before I can get the toilet back on the floor.  I told Garrett I would do the trim myself but, yeeeeeah that's scaring me.  So it's my fault that the bathroom hasn't gotten done. I'm afraid of the corners and the saw.  THOSE DANG CORNERS!  Have any of you done trim yourself?
I'm sure I can figure it out but I've been too chicken to take the plunge.  I could probably talk Mr. OMH into it....or should I say nag him into it.  The vanity still needs to be painted and the counter tops replaced.  At least I can blame the counter top man for that.


Kathysue said...

Hi Melinda, I got my pillows from good ol' Homegoods when they first came in. They still had a couple the other day. I died when I saw them, Loved them. I change out the playroom bed to a girl or boy bed according to who is spending the night in there. I love these pillows, I highly recommend them if you are a green lover like I am. I have green kitchen cupboards I don't know if you saw those. Refurbished my kitchen with molding and paint and Love it too!! Good luck on your projects, looks as if you are making headway!!

JaNeil said...

I would focus on finishing the projects in the rooms you spend the most time in and then the others. Also, have Mr OMH cut the trim for you and avoid the saw and then you can install it. The laundry room, baby's room, and update to main bath can wait. I can't wait to see the finished kitchen!