Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chocolate Caramel Apple Tutorial

I didn't know Chocolate Caramel Apples were so easy (also so time consuming).  But all in all soooooo worth it!

I used smallish Granny Smith Apples.

I purchased this brand of Caramels.  Except the bag I originally used was especially for caramel apples so it came with the sticks and instructions on the back of the package.  So handy.

Melt caramel in a double broiler. 
Dip apples in caramel. As you can see I ran a rubber spatula around my apples to remove some excess caramel because they were too caramely...if there is such a thing. :)

Then I melted some semi sweet and milk chocolate chips in double broilers.

 Dip apples in chocolate.
Roll in sprinkles, nuts or Heath chips. Or whatever extra goodness you prefer.

Let sit until chocolate hardens.


Wrap up in clear cellophane and tie with a Halloween ribbon. Perfect. 
And soooooooo delectable.

Happy Halloween!

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