Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Favorite Skirt!

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This is my absolute favorite skirt right now.  So fittingly named the Every Angle Skirt from Downeast Basics.  It can be worn with anything.  It's awesome with cardi's or plain t's with a big chunky scarf.  Great with a cotton, button up shirt, and an over the top necklace.  I just LOVE IT!  Soooooooo... I decided to create a mood board. Especially for it. That's love. I hope you snatch up some of these deals.

Black Pencil Skirt:  Downeast Basics, $32.99
Heirloom Cardi (I also own and love):  Downeast Basics, $34.99
Houndstooth Mesh Tights:  Forever21, $5.80
Glaze Safari Black Bootie Amazon.com, $30.00
Bauble Necklace Downeast Basics, $8.99

edit: I'm not paid in any way by these companies to advertise. Trust me if I was I would be bragging about it.  I just love their clothing and wanted to share some of my favorites.

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