Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pantry Organization

I always see such beautiful pantries across blog land.

I've been really wanting to do something about my horribly cluttered and quite frankly, pathetic excuse for a pantry since I moved to this house 4 1/2 years ago.  About a month back I finally got started.  

You'll see that it's skinny and deep. It's stuffed to the gills and pretty much a pain.  Well it was.

I threw out lots of old food.  Sad I know.  I always bought random things that I didn't end up using before this project. 

 I took anything that was still good, and knew we would eat, but don't on a regular basis, downstairs to our food storage.  

Once the pantry was empty I found scary stains and other nastiness.  
 I have to admit that, that guy was there when we moved in but I was too lazy to get rid of it.  I know, gross.  

After lots of scrubbing I gave it a coat of paint (left over from the walls in the kitchen). 

Then I picked up a few things to help organize and give more space to the shelves. 

The stainless canisters I already had (from Costco).  

The shelves, skinny plastic bins, glass jars, and plastic containers were purchased at Wally World. I'm still not loving that the cook books and the box of garbage bags look cluttered up there.  I think I will get some magazine holders for them.

I would have to say that these plastic cereal containers are my very favorite thing. I could have done without the bread box but it does make it look nice and orderly.

The stainless plastic sack holder and the yellow and gray bin I found at Lowes.  I use the bin to hold left over cereal, cookies, chips and other snacks.

I used my vinyl cutter to make all the labels. Man that thing comes in handy sometimes. 

I really love my new calm and clean pantry. It's not as spacious as I would like, but I do the best I can with what I have.

My husband on the other hand, said "It looks sad, like we don't have any food". 



Rebecca Hunt said...

I LOVE THIS! You are so lucky to even have a pantry. I can't wait to be done with apartment living and actually have a pantry. I have limited counter space to work with but I just bought a bunch of canisters and the exact same plastic cereal bins as yours! I love that it makes my counters look less cluttered. I love your vinyl labels, I want some on my canisters!

Gwen said...

I love to organize. Close to the top on my list of favorite things. Looks great!